I'd like to be born again to make
different some things


We live in a complex world and we don't have time


Change my world, to change the world


To definitely make my new dreams come true

Our history

After more than 30 years doing orthodontics in Ziving®, our story is the sum of the stories of more than one hundred thousand people, children and adults, who have improved their smile with us.

In DentalSpa by Ziving® we complement orthodontics with other treatments that allow the control of the color and shape of the teeth, the care of the gums and, very specially, the improvement of the soft tissues, the lips and the facial features. All of this is done to achieve an integral improvement of the oral state, not only of the teeth, but of the whole: a healthy and wonderful smile in a young and harmonious face.

Helping those adults who are beginning to show the passage of time in their mouths is a primary objective in this new project. A better health in people like you, who want to feel better and face the future with security and confidence, because the smile not only defines our image, but also our attitude.


And if the result is important, so is the process of correcting and improving your smile: our oral treatments cannot be a reason for stress. We want you to enjoy in a very special space, from the colour to the light, passing through the music and the treatment with the human team. We offer you a space to enjoy time for yourself, relax and disconnect. DentalSpa by Ziving®.

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Our solutions

Adult Orthodontics

It's never too late for your treatment

Invisible Orthodontics

The best invisible orthodontics with Invisalign

Oral Hygiene

Remove all the tartar from your teeth


Treatment of gengivitis and periodontitis

Dental Aesthetics

Aesthetic improvement of your smile with different techniques

Dental Implants

Safe and aesthetic alternative to dentures

Oral Surgery

Treatment of injuries, extractions, ...

Aesthetic Restorations

We restore the original look to your teeth

A place where you can relax

My good friend Ana told me about an experience she had had; she was happy and surprised at the same time. She had decided to correct a problem of crooked teeth that affected her smile and had never found the time to solve it.

Suddenly, he began to talk to me about the cordiality with which he was attended, the honesty, and the good planning of the solutions, of an accessible payment plan, of people close to him, relaxation, music, light... From the beginning it sounded like a fantastic experience, a good feeling.

The curiosity to know that nice place led me to ask: DentalSPA by Ziving was his answer.

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